Welcome to Transhud

Transhud is a well established company in Sweden, which was founded nearly 75 years ago by the Bachrach family. Originally, the company was mainly active in the import into Scandinavia, where in those days, hundreds of tanneries were operating. The company, without losing its original ties with European and overseas suppliers, expanded into the export of Scandinavian and North European material, both for European and overseas customers.

Transhud is running a warehouse operation in Scandinavia collecting hides from slaughterhouses in the area. Norle Oy, a daughter company, is a leading supplier of brinecured and wet blue splits for the leather trade as well as the protein industry.

Fresh as well as salted hides are being delivered directly from our slaughterhouse suppliers to well known tanneries in the car and furniture upholstery industry as well as shoe leather and other special items tanneries. The local presence ensures a high quality.
In addition, wet blue full substance hides and grains are produced in cooperation with good North European tanning sources , where Transhud´s experience to handle the entire supply chain is of a major benefit for the client.

We are suppliers of Wet salted hides to most European tanners of high quality leathers.